Review: Jean Grae “U & Me & Everyone We Know”

“U & Me & Everyone We Know” is the first single off the long awaited album “Cake or Death” by Jean Grae.  After four long years, Grae’s fans have been heavily anticipating her return.  Grae is a rarity in todays Hip-Hop scene.  A female emcee, taking listeners on a musical journey using wordplay that will at times escape even the most lyrically savvy listener.

When the first note of the intro plays,  a smoke filled juke joint with a lazy fan turning slowly overhead comes to mind.  Grae produced this minute and a half intro in which you lose yourself in the rhythm.  For a new listener this beat is the epitome of Grae. unusual, somewhat disjointed, while meshing perfectly in a unconventional way. Then a jazzy beat kicks in with a oddly but probably ironically placed countdown in French.

Grae has a smooth flow that can trick the listener into a comfort level.  It is pleasant to the ears and easy to zone out to. This is one of her many superpowers.  She is able to lull some listeners into a thoughtless place while also challenging others to “catch her if you can.” This song is at times ironic, sarcastic, and humorous. Grae uses bold, multi-colored brush strokes to paint a delicate picture of love, loss, forward movement and hope for the future.

If this track is a taste for what is to come with the spring release of “Cake or Death”.  This will be on regular rotation at backyard parties all summer long.  Ushering in muggy wine soaked nights with a subtle breeze to tickle our minds.  Grae is back and ready to entertain.

Listen and Enjoy!

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