Chocolat Moderne: A Sexy Chocolate Laboratory

Not many people are lucky enough to be wandering down a street and get invited in to a Chocolate laboratory. I was that lucky person.  Chocolatiere Jean Coukos opens the doors to her creative space.

Chocolat Moderne is gaining accolades and attention in a huge way.  Featured in the February 2012 edition of Oprah’s “O Magazine” as “A few things we think are just great.” is no little feat.  After tasting these chocolates I know why.

Leaving the cold windy Manhattan weather and walking into the laboratory was like walking into home. Not your home but the home of who you are in your imagination.  The you that bakes and cooks fabulous food.  It smelled of chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, champagne, and other scents the typical nose can not recognize.

Coukos opens her doors on a rare occasion. Her confections are sold on sites and in select stores and online. This was a exclusive and special day.

In honor of National Hot Chocolate Month.  The first sample I indulged in was  of the “Cocoa Casbah Hot Chocolate” series Madame X-tasy” this is not for the milk chocolate lover.  This is strong real chocolate with even stronger flavors added.  It brags of Espresso, Burnt Caramel and Fleur De Sel, which is a hand gathered artisanal sea salt.  While I love the coffee, caramel and salt combo this flavor was overwhelming.  The assistant Chocolatiere suggested that it is made with milk or cream where they made it with water.  For lovers of this flavour combination milk is highly suggested.  I would be happy to try it again with this difference.

After I let my palate settle a bit I tasted the second hot chocolate, Kama Sutra” It was warm and toasty tasting.  The ingredients include coconut, cardamom and clove.  This to may be better for my tastes made with milk but overall it was spicy and had a tingle that was pleasing.  The coconut did not overwhelm and may of countered the spices.  This chocolate was inspired by the flavors of India.

The flavors not on display this day included: “Mayan Eyes”  Dark chocolate spiced with chipotle, chile ancho, cinnamon and nutmeg. This flavour is right up my alley.  I hope to try it soon.  “Midnight Oasis” is pure Dark Chocolate.  Simple and pure.  To round out the hot chocolate is “Snake Charmer” which is an aromatic quartet of floral anise, star anise, vanilla and cinnamon.

The chocolate samples were scarce by the time I found myself in this magical place.  I did manage to taste the “Champagne Chic Chocolate Truffle” it was an innocent looking version of an artistic and potent champagne truffle that has a layer of milk ganache blended with rare a Marc de Bourgogne which is often called potent. Set within a layer of dark ganache infused with an aged Pierre Ferrand 1er Cru de Cognac from the Grande Champagne family.  I am positive after eating a box of these treats tipsy may be what we are.  The flavor was subtle at first with a burst of adult flavors to follow.  Very romantic and rich.

The ingredients found in these fabulous concoctions are far to many to list but every bite will be a surprise to the palate. Flavors consist of a combination of; 5 different varieties of dark chocolate, pistachios, hazelnuts, European style butter, cocoa butter, full cream, granulated pure cane and specialized confectionery sugars, fruit purées, fruit preserves, fresh squeezed citrus juices and zest, milk chocolate, white chocolate, fresh milk, caramelized puffed rice, honey, premium liqueurs, essential oils, teas and spices.

This is your chocolate imagination come to life.  Visit the website to satisfy your cravings

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1 Response to Chocolat Moderne: A Sexy Chocolate Laboratory

  1. Barbara says:

    Ummmm sounds yummy. I am not a gourmet cook and I don’t know all those spices and other ingredient you mentioned, but your description makes your mouth water

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