Single of the Week: Gregory Porter “Real Good Hands”

Gregory Porter paints a poignant picture in his new single “Real Good Hands” off his up coming album “Be Good” which had an appropriate Valentines Day release.  Motema Music out of Harlem is the home of this spectacular artist.

A Jazz artist of this caliber can only be backed up by band members of the same.  Porter has found that in his band consisting of Chip Crawford (Piano),  Aaron James (Bass), Emmanuel Harrold (Drums) with Yosuke Sato (Alto Sax) they grace us with beauty.

Porter looks formidable. As a former college linebacker, his bearded face and large stature only enhances the emotions and sensuality that is evident in this song.  Proving that the cover of a book only encase the stories inside.

His voice is thick and warm like molasses poured over butter beans.  With a clarity and richness not often heard in our current times. This album is a follow-up to his award winning and Grammy nominated album “Water.”

“Real Good Hands” is a promise of love.  Not superficial love but the deep pure love that everyone hopes for.  Porter in his opening lyrics is making a promise to his father, to be the best man he can.  Asking him not to worry about the man he will be.  Except as the song progresses you realize that it’s his father it’s the father of the woman he loves.

Lyrics such as, “I know it’s hard watching the changes in our lives, but I want to make your daughter my wife.” Tells of love but also the fear parents have as their children grow and move forward.

The music accompaniment tells the story just as well as the lyrics. The tickle of a lone piano opens the song.  You immediately sense this song is a story of love.   The drums kick in with the sound of a cymbal which usually signals the start of the marriage of the other instruments.  The drums are handled with a gentle brushing cadence.  By the other instruments introduce themselves your head is already moving.  Not the typical bobbing, but the eyes closed rocking back and forth type. The melody is simple yet complex.  With a cadence that ebbs and flows with Porters story of promise.  The Alto Sax has an amazing solo that speaks to your soul and fills you with awe as it retells the lyrics.

This album is destined to be a classic.  The type that as the listeners young and old age it will bring back memories of life and what was occurring when these songs were first heard and be the staple of any Jazz loving household.

Listen and Enjoy! Free iTunes download until February 20.



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